Pros and Cons Of The “Ghost Net”

I can’t remember exactly when it was I first saw a picture of a trout being held in a “Ghost Net”…probably a couple years ago…but I do remember thinking, “wow, that net is cool.  It really makes the colors in that trout pop”.  Soon I started seeing more and more great “in the net” trout […]

Fishing Attractor Dry Flies On Driftless Area Streams, part II

“Not long after I took up fly fishing, as a teenager, I began to look upon those who fished the Royal Coachman and Parmachene Belle and other such garish and unnatural flies as…well, gullible. I unconsciously counted myself among the new breed of fly fishers who understood that trout eat insects and crustaceans and tiny […]

Fishing Attractor Dry Flies on Driftless Area Streams, Part 1

It’s interesting to me that two of our sport’s most iconic “hatch matchers” also were enamored with “attractor” dry flies.  After all, attractor flies are, in a sense, the opposite of these tyer’s well known hatch matching patterns. This little observation should stand as a lesson of balance for all us Midwestern fly fishermen. Doug […]

January 19th, 2014 Trip Report

With 50% of January so far having sub-zero temperatures, it was great to break in the 2014 winter trout season on a relatively mild day. Temperatures topped out around 36 degrees this Sunday afternoon, the wind wasn’t terrible, but, as usual, the gusts seemed to time well with your backcast. By 12:30pm there were midges […]

Minnesota Drought Update – Good News?

There is positive news in the long range drought outlook, and hopefully the active weather pattern of frequent storm systems stays consistent through late winter into spring. The US Drought Monitor provides a weekly update to overall drought conditions. Today’s drought status doesn’t show much improvement across Minnesota, nor should it, but recent trends in […]

Meeting the Deadline – My Fly Swap Emerger

Despite recent silence here (come on, it’s freakin’ cold outside), I’ve been at The Disaster the last few days. Looks nice and tidy, doesn’t it? Heh. My organized friends are cringing…plotting….oh wait, here’s another view of my poorly organized space. OMGerd, that’s terrible. Loose flies, hook piles, pheasant tails on top of wood duck feathers…or […]