9-30-16 Report: Streams clearing, fish are eating

September 30, 2016 A buddy and I both punched out early Friday afternoon to go fishing to end a no-fishing streak. Neither of us had been out all September. It was a good choice. The stream we fished in the Whitewater system was still dirty but visibility is at least about 1 meter, so it’s […]

5/22/15 Report: Caddis, Craneflies, Perfect Weather

A buddy and I hoofed it way back into valley Friday morning and didn’t climb back out until the late afternoon. Fish were rising to caddis and craneflies at 10am, steadily at first, but more sporadic as the afternoon went on. In a nutshell, fishing was fantastic. There was one particular hole that we fished […]

4/3/2015: Cold and Cloudy with a Side of Smoked Char

A couple friends and I were joined by a gentleman from Denmark this morning. Thanks to his generosity, this (picture to the left) is how we ended the morning and it was the highlight of today’s fishing trip. He brought along a couple filets of smoked, Arctic Char from fish that he caught in Iceland. […]

March 7, 2013 Update

As of March 6th, the snow depth at the Rochester International airport is over 12″¬†for the first time since February 16, 2011. The recent snowfall varied from 5-12″ across southeast Minnesota. The highest totals were reported in northern Goodhue, eastern Wabasha, and eastern Winona counties. March 5-6, 2013 snowfall totals. Current snow depth from the […]