2/1/2020 Stream Report

Water temperature: 41-42 degrees Insect activity: Midges – moderate Ventured out with a couple buddies today for my first trip of the new year. We started the day with some rare sunshine and clouds were back overhead by 1-1:30pm. We fished from 10:45am until about 2:30pm. There were fish rising today, especially late morning in […]

9-30-16 Report: Streams clearing, fish are eating

September 30, 2016 A buddy and I both punched out early Friday afternoon to go fishing to end a no-fishing streak. Neither of us had been out all September. It was a good choice. The stream we fished in the Whitewater system was still dirty but visibility is at least about 1 meter, so it’s […]

5/22/15 Report: Caddis, Craneflies, Perfect Weather

A buddy and I hoofed it way back into valley Friday morning and didn’t climb back out until the late afternoon. Fish were rising to caddis and craneflies at 10am, steadily at first, but more sporadic as the afternoon went on. In a nutshell, fishing was fantastic. There was one particular hole that we fished […]

5/3-5/4/15 Rainfall

Here are the totals for southeast MN. Some needed rainfall. Impact on the majority of streams was low. Here is a link to radar estimated precipitation totals:¬†http://water.weather.gov/precip/ …MINNESOTA… …DODGE COUNTY… KASSON 0.41 IN 0943 AM 05/04 44.03N/92.73W MANTORVILLE 0.19 IN 0700 AM 05/04 44.07N/92.77W CLAREMONT 2.5 SSE 0.18 IN 0700 AM 05/04 44.01N/92.99W CLAREMONT 2.5 […]

4/17-4/20 Report: Trout Camp

Due to a number of scheduling conflicts, this year’s Trout Camp had to fall on the same weekend as the catch and keep opener. As frightening as that was, it turned out to be much better than I anticipated. The campground and the streams were busier than usual on Friday through Saturday, otherwise everyone cleared […]