2/1/2020 Stream Report

Water temperature: 41-42 degrees Insect activity: Midges – moderate Ventured out with a couple buddies today for my first trip of the new year. We started the day with some rare sunshine and clouds were back overhead by 1-1:30pm. We fished from 10:45am until about 2:30pm. There were fish rising today, especially late morning in […]

2016 Fly Swap – jrs’s Pink Squirrel Variant

submitted by message board member jrs – here are the details: Pink Squirrel Variant — John Stoeckel (jrs) Except for the tail, all of the components of this fly have been changed from the original Bethke Pink Squirrel. But it still looks like a Pink Squirrel and it certainly evolved from the Pink Squirrel. The […]

2016 Fly Swap – Troutchaser’s Tequeely Streamer

Submitted by message board member, Troutchaser – who is the author of a new book,¬†Fly-Fishing for Trout in Southeast Minnesota which can be found at www.troutchasers.net Tequeelly Streamer . . . for big trout (or smallmouth) Hook: 3XL streamer, sizes 2 down to 8 Bead: Copper or Gold Cone or Bead (or you can use […]

2016 Fly Swap – TFO5wt’s Foam Hopper

Submitted by message board member TFO5wt. Here are his notes: Foam Hopper Hook: TMC 2312 size 6 Thread: Olive Uni 8/0 (smaller thread creates better abdomen segments and it’s all superglued in the end) Body: 2 mm thin foam (green in this case) and 2 mm thin foam (yellow) for indicator. Cut two green strips […]

Today’s Fly: Tan Chironomid (Midge)

This is a midge larva pattern, and it’s easy to tie…very easy. Here’s my recipe… Hook: TMC 200R size 16 Head: Glass bead – I used black, translucent purple, red, and clear…just to be safe, I guess Rib: Silver wire Body: Tan thread – Uni-Thread 8/0 in this case Fuzzy-buggy part of the head: Black […]