Slot Limits and Harvesting Trout

Thanks to improved land use practices, habitat restoration, and a focus on wild trout management, Southeast Minnesota, is blessed with a great abundance of trout.   This great abundance is most obvious on our streams that have a special regulation called a “Slot-Limit” placed on them.  The  slot limit you will find is Southeast MN is […]

Changes to Simplify Southeast MN Trout Regulations

…and offer more opportunity are finally moving forward (not taking effect, yet, so your usual winter trout season rules still apply through this winter season). After a dramatic pause, one years in the making, we’re a little more than a month from the proposed changes becoming regulation. About 4 years ago, the DNR held numerous […]

Fillmore County Manure Spill

A 2,000,000 gallon manure lagoon gave way sometime this past Sunday on a farm outside of Canton, MN and a portion of the manure drained into nearby “Donaldson” Creek, otherwise an unnamed feeder creek which flows into Wisel Creek. Amount of manure estimated to have flown into the feeder has been estimated between 350,000 to […]

FYI: Comment Period Open on Proposed Change to Trout Regulations

There has been chatter for a while now regarding potential changes to regulations and extending trout seasons in southeast Minnesota. It is now open for public comment until February 11th, 2013. (thanks for the info, brntrout) Below is the notice for public comment from the December 10th, 2012 edition of the MN State Register. I’ve […]