This website is the home base for a forum which has been in existence for many years and used to be the Minnesota Trout Unlimited message board.

The information here is mostly relevant to southeast Minnesota trout fishing, conservation and fly fishing but is not limited to that. Thanks for stopping by!

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    • Sure, I’ll recognize your e-mail, so that’s fine. I have no problem with a handle vs. name, just as long as something is recognizable between name, e-mail, or IP address.

      • Randy. Been trying unsuccessfully to join the forum. Can’t seem to get through. Any suggestions or perhaps I breached some social compact. if so I can live with it.

        Thanks for any help.

        • Larry, could you be specific with the problem you seem to be having? There have been a couple other registrations recently, so if I can figure out where you’re having difficulty I can help you out.

  • I am looking for Grant E Olson who had a comment on this site looking for lures and flies which a long gone relative made in the Lacrosse area. I have some and would like to see that he gets them…thanks georgef@mwt.net. ruth frohmader camp douglas wi

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