5/22/15 Report: Caddis, Craneflies, Perfect Weather

A buddy and I hoofed it way back into valley Friday morning and didn’t climb back out until the late afternoon. Fish were rising to caddis and craneflies at 10am, steadily at first, but more sporadic as the afternoon went on. In a nutshell, fishing was fantastic. There was one particular hole that we fished for about 45 minutes, catching nicely sized trout on elk hair caddis. All fish caught were full and healthy, and rocks were alive with a wide variety of insects. There were a few light hendricksons and baetis in the mix of insects, otherwise fish were primarily keyed into caddis and craneflies on the surface. We caught fish on elk hair caddis, caddis pupa, pink squirrels, and pheasant tail nymphs. Most productive for me was a green wire-bodied caddis wet fly that I tie with a cdc wing, partridge for hackle, and a black or brown dubbed head.

I gave a new rod a whirl yesterday and was very pleased. Limit Creek Rod Company has recently introduced a line of fly rods. The 5 weight I fished Friday casts and fishes well. It’s a very fast rod, at least the fastest of my relatively small collection, and really shoots line nicely. I was (and typically am) fishing a double nymph rig with weight and an indicator, and did so easily and effortless. It was also very fun to throw out a lot of line with an elk hair caddis and twitch it across a run. The water was very clear and a bit of distance was required, and the rod delivered.

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