It’s really simple; be respectful

I was saddened to see this bit of information on the MNTU Facebook Page.


A Heads-up on the loss of an Access to Rush Creek:
For years trout anglers had been able to drive in the long lane off Winona Cty. 25 and park by the red barn at the Wunderlich farm, and from there walk into a fine stretch of Rush Creek where several projects of HI work had been completed, near the confluence with Ferguson Creek. Several thefts of items from outbuildings and an angler who insisted he didn’t have to move his vehicle from in front of grain bins because “There is an angler easement here,” were cited by the landowners as reasons for their decision to close off the access. An easement has never been purchased. Access had always been granted as a courtesy before.
For the time being, the DNR suggests walking in by way of Ahrensfeld Creek (see map).

The most difficult part of this story is that an individual wouldn’t move his vehicle and disrespected the landowner. As a result, this has capped off access that many anglers have enjoyed for many years. We can do better. Always respect the landowner, and respect the rules of the angling easements.