4/6/15-4/10/15: Wet Week

Recent Rainfall Reports for southeast MN, northeast IA, southwest WI.

The rain and snow from a week soaked in showers and thunderstorms is wrapping up, but streams and rivers are still on the rise as of this posting.

Precipitation from 4/3-4/9

In addition to the totals linked to above, I got a call from my buddy who lives on the Middle Branch of the Whitewater, near Quincy, and he received 2.05″ of rain from 10pm on the 8th to 10pm on the 9th in addition to 0.5″ of snow late Thursday.

While most streams will be high and dirty going into the weekend, it’s nice to come through a week with rain every day and not see any issues with flash flooding due to excessive precipitation. At least we can stop talking about drought for a while now.

NWS La Crosse Hydrology Monitor
Stream Conditions updated