4/3/2015: Cold and Cloudy with a Side of Smoked Char

IMG_6287A couple friends and I were joined by a gentleman from Denmark this morning. Thanks to his generosity, this (picture to the left) is how we ended the morning and it was the highlight of today’s fishing trip. He brought along a couple filets of smoked, Arctic Char from fish that he caught in Iceland. Delicious.

The weather was overcast, cold, and gusty with the temperature around 30-31 all morning. I’ve been out at least a half dozen times since January and this is the first time I fought ice on the guides. By the time we got home at 12:30 there was a 10° jump in temperature and the sky was sunny.

We each caught fish, the winning fly today was a black woolly bugger catching a few fish. Peeking caddis caught another, and a pink squirrel caught a beauty of a brown from underneath a fallen tree. Water was crystal clear, no water temperature taken, no insect activity or surface activity seen. We not only wrapped up the outing with a couple filets of smoked, arctic char, but venison sticks and cold coffee (by default of not bringing the thermos). Wow, it was good.


This rainbow was caught a long distance from where any are stocked – the first rainbow I’ve caught there in years.