Trout Fishing State Parks – Oct. 16-Dec. 31

The catch-and-release season on the majority of southeast Minnesota trout streams is now closed. This year was the first to be extended from the end of September into the middle of October.

However, there is still trout fishing to be had in a few of southeast Minnesota’s state parks. Here is where you can fish in Beaver Creek SP, Whitewater SP, and Forestville SP.

All of southeast Minnesota’s designated trout streams will be open on January 1st, 2015 for the catch-and-release winter season.


One thought on “Trout Fishing State Parks – Oct. 16-Dec. 31

  • Fished Whitewater today, Day 1 of the extended season. The air temperature at 8AM was 34 and the water temperature was 44 degrees. By 10AM the sun was over the bluffs and warming things which may explain some aggressive subsurface feeding in runs and riffles. Rainbows and browns were taking my pink squirrel and a few on the zebra midge training fly. Things slowed down in the middle of the day, but trout were looking up and were fooled by a size 20 parachute Adams. Gorgeous fall colors in the bluffs.

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