March 9th, 2014 Trip Report

I think we hit a nice window for stream conditions in southeast Minnesota today. There’s still a lot of snow on the ground and temperatures are finally more seasonable. In other words, runoff will be getting underway shortly. We hoofed it through some deep, ripening snow, and it was a great workout getting into and out of the river valley.

I regret not having a thermometer handy on today’s trip. Since we didn’t start fishing until the afternoon and air temperatures were around 40 degrees, there was enough melting snow to cool the water. There wasn’t enough to affect levels of clarity. The stream was crystal clear and low. That’s not going to be the case by the middle to the end of this coming week, I’m afraid. While stream conditions won’t be the greatest later this week due to continued melting Monday the 10th, additional snow Tuesday the 11th, and the return of 40s Thursday and Friday, it sure beats a rapid warm up and flash melt.

Midge larva continue to be the most frequently hit fly, today’s was green, but tan, black…I’m sure quite a variety will get the job done.