Today’s Tie: Zoo Cougar

This is my crappy version of a popular streamer from the mind of Kelly Galloup. I watched this video to get a little refresher…it’s been a couple years since I’ve tied one up.

Hook: Size 4
Thread: I just used the thickest thread I could find…happened to be tan
Tail: Yellow Marabou
Body: Gudebrod Flash Braid
Underwing: Calf tail is called for, but I had a similar, artificial white hair
Wing (not really a wing, but it’s behind the head and extends to the tip of the tail): Mallard Flank Feathers
Collar and Head: Yellow Deer Hair

Not as much mess as usual…I could do better.
Messy Tying Desk

I did alright with the collar

…and really not too bad with spinning the head…
Spinning Deer Hair

but I struggle a bit with shaping the head well without chopping off too much of the spun hair.
Zoo Cougar

Still…they’ll fish. T-minus 6 days to trout camp.

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