Final Round of Spring Runoff Underway

The remaining snow in southeast MN is departing quickly with temperatures finally returning to the 40s and pushing 50 in places this afternoon. The majority of our snow melted this past weekend, but there’s still plenty of stored moisture in the remaining snow, and spring runoff from snowpack will wrap up in the next day or two. Some streams and rivers will remain dirty into the weekend, but most of the smaller bodies of water will peak this evening or Thursday at the very latest. Larger branches such as the Root and Zumbro will take longer to drop and clear.

My buddy Vince in Lanesboro sent me a couple pictures of the Root River out his back door (stop in and see him at the Parkway Pub). Notice it’s high and dark, but not out of control and is within its banks. The Lanesboro gauge was actually dropping as of 3pm Wednesday (4/3/13), but as smaller streams and creeks drain into it, it will likely see an upward surge again.



Please note, none of what I’ve said here is equivalent to “nothing is fishable”, there are simply many places experiencing spring runoff from remaining snow, and some streams/rivers are higher and dirtier than others.