Crappy Fly: Griffith’s Gnat

Still sticking with some of the basic essentials at the desk lately… Sitting at The Disaster in my basement is a tad cold recently, so I only coughed up a few flies today. Stupid arctic airmass + old house = cold basement.

Griffith’s Gnat. With only a hook and 3 elements, this should be easy.

image (18)

I tied the hackle, then the peacock herl near the bend…

image (19)

Wrapped thread up to behind the eye…

image (20)

And then wrapped the hackle over the herl up to the eye and then tied off. Okay…

image (21)

Acceptable, but a little crowded around the eye…hopefully that’s not going to interfere too much with tippet, so I trimmed as well as I could before putting in my pile of flies to be fished.

image (22)

Of course the herl wasn’t always cooperative. I hate you sometimes, stupid peacock herl. Yeah, yeah…should have wrapped that herl around the thread first, or just been a bit more careful with my thread.

image (23)

I tied a few of these up and they’ll fish. The hackle is a little oversized for the fly – I was using size 20 hooks but working through my grizzly hackle from a size 18 100 pack of Whiting’s. On a couple flies I substituted peacock ice dub for the peacock herl when things didn’t work out as well as they should have.

Griffith’s Gnat
Hook: TMC 100, size 20
Thread: Gray (12/0 Sheer Gordon Griffith in this case, but any lightweight thread will do and I don’t think color is critical)
Body: Peacock Herl
Hackle: Grizzly