Weekend Fishing Weather – Southeast MN


Bottom Line: Mild and gusty Friday turning much colder and windy Saturday afternoon

What the graph above is telling you is that temperatures are going to spike above freezing Friday morning, nearing the 40s in the afternoon, it will warm up again briefly Saturday morning, and then the bottom drops out on temperatures from Saturday afternoon until the end of next week. So, if comfort is what you’re after – get it while it’s hot. Enjoy if you get out, and feel free to drop a report on the message board.

With Friday’s warm up, it will still be gusty. Winds will range between 15-25mph Friday, occasionally gusting as high as 35mph. There will be more clouds than sun Friday AM, but more sunshine in the PM if all goes to plan. Clouds return Friday night with a chance for a little, light snow, Saturday morning will turn milder, back above freezing with winds out of the west 10-20mph until about Noon, then it’s going to turn very windy and much colder through Saturday afternoon with wind gusts pushing 45mph. We’re back down to single-digit temperatures Sunday, and Monday’s high may just barely reach above zero if at all.

Today’s Fly: Tan Chironomid (Midge)

This is a midge larva pattern, and it’s easy to tie…very easy.

photo (53)

Here’s my recipe…

Hook: TMC 200R size 16
Head: Glass bead – I used black, translucent purple, red, and clear…just to be safe, I guess
Rib: Silver wire
Body: Tan thread – Uni-Thread 8/0 in this case
Fuzzy-buggy part of the head: Black nymph dubbing

Put bead on hook, thread in behind the eye, attach wire just behind the eye and wrap thread over it to the back bend of the hook to avoid the “big butt” look…especially since the body is merely thread and it’s hard to put spanks on that bugger to trim its hips. Once thread is wrapped back to the bend and it’s a good starting place for the wire rib, wrap the thread back up to behind the dirty-nymphing bead, then wrap the ribbing back up to the thread, and trim the wire. Dub the thread, wrap around just behind the bead as needed, and half-hitch. I trimmed the dubbing back a bit, but merely so it didn’t look absolutely ginormous in the close-up picture, it’s probably not necessary, but from the chironomid pictures I found through googling, it doesn’t appear they’re really “leggy” in larva form.