Interested in Learning to Fly Fish for Trout in Southeast Minnesota?

Are you interested in fly fishing for trout but just haven’t made that first step into learning the basics yet? More importantly, are you interested in learning with one of your kids or a young mentor?


This is an excellent program put on by the Minnesota DNR MinnAqua program and is a great opportunity for a hands-on learning experience. For details on how to apply, go to

I’ve personally taken part in this event in the past as a guide to a father and his son and it was a well-organized, very worthwhile event.

Fly: Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail

This is my shot at a Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Nymph – with a shiny, glass bead.

photo (52)

image (11)

I tied a little over a half dozen in my downtime Monday, and they’ll fish, but they’re not great. Since I didn’t have any partridge hackle handy I just used pheasant fibers as hackle and tied it on both sides of the head, just behind the bead.

image (12)

I’m looking forward to tying these with a more appropriate wet fly hackle, namely partridge, but for now this’ll do for a fish-able fly.

Today’s recipe:
Hook: TMC 200R, Size 16
Bead: Pearlescent “glass”
Thread: Olive 8/0 Uni-Thread
Tail: Pheasant Tail
Body: Pheasant Tail
Ribbing: Copper or Silver, Brassie Size
Wingcase: Flashback or Flashabou or just something Flashy-flatty-ish, c’mon man!
Thorax: Peacock Ice Dub