On the Bench: Making Progress

My focus is still on being able to clean out my fly box and start with new flies for the 2013 season. So far, I’ve stocked up on scuds, pheasant tails, midges, skinny nelsons, and a few, larger attractor nymphs. I’ve avoided Prince Nymphs so far and am wondering if I’m going to tie a couple dozen as a staple fly or not. Size 12 or 14 Princes? Probably size 14, but would you go larger for the majority of yours? Not sure what I’m going to do with that one yet…I despise tying biot tails, but I probably need to do it just for the practice.

Here’s where I’m at so far. This is about 80-85 flies, so I still have a long way to go and want to fill-in with more variety in flies and sizes.
photo (49)

Simply for the purpose of avoiding monotony in my flies, I bought some glass beads from J. Stockard recently and am putting them to use in some of my patterns, from midges to nymphs.
photo (50)

But so far, mainly on the midge larva patterns, which range from size 14 to 18.
photo (51)I go a little stir crazy after tying the same pattern over, and over, and over, and I’m a little stymied as to what to tie next. My PT nymphs so far are primarily only size 18, so I’ll be filling in soon with a couple dozen in size 14-16.

For you fellow, dirty nymphers, what do you recommend in the lineup of staple flies? What is your go-to fly pattern?