1/10/13 Stream Report


I fished a popular winter trout stream north of I-90 Thursday afternoon. Temperatures hovered in the mid to upper 30s and at the bluff tops there was a stiff wind, but in the river valley I felt hardly any wind. Skies were overcast but polarized shades were still necessary.

There was a very minor midge hatch. In a few hundred yards of stream I saw 3 fish rise…not much to get me giddy, but a clear indication that a midge trailer behind my scud would be wise. Did I do that? No…too lazy yesterday.


Water was slightly stained (image above from a 1.5ft deep pocket of water) but plenty of visibility, seemingly due to the slow snow melt. The thaw in southeast Minnesota has been occurring slowly for a few days now but has visibly sped up since rain started Thursday afternoon and temperatures have remained above freezing overnight.

1_10Fishing3Fish On!

Fish caught were on an orange scud, size 14, and bites were very subtle, to be expected in winter season. Keep a tight line, dirty nymphers. I only fished for about a half hour as I was also messing around with my new GoPro camera that Santa brought me for Christmas. I’m working on a little video for the trip report.