Missed Opportunity, but Still Productive

There was a fair amount of time spent tying flies today between bouts of staring out the window, wondering why I didn’t go fishing as soon as the kids were off to school. Lenny thought it curious, too. He spent a lot of time watching me tie flies and wondering why we haven’t hunted birds in 2 whole weeks! He’s going to have a long winter.


It was perfect for winter fishing this morning! Temperatures were just below freezing for a while, the sun was out, and certainly there must have been eager fish before snow melt increased. That’s how I see it in my lunatic head, anyway – catching so many fish my arm hurts and 28″ browns with kype jaws trying to tear into my neck after I wrangle them from their underwater bunkers…

Instead, I continued working at my goal of all-new flies for 2013 and starting with a fresh stockpile. I’m at 4 dozen so far, which isn’t much considering my poor production-fly-tying skills…but I’m working on it. Not even halfway to what will be needed this season and a wide variety to go yet.


Last night and this morning was spent tying more Skinny Nelsons.


Winter trout season, for me, seems to be more about seizing opportunity when it presents itself rather than planning an outing well in advance. I’ll confess to not having my gear in battle-ready mode yet as it is typically during the bulk of the season. I’m not in grab ‘n go mode yet.