Fly: Simple Pheasant Tail Nymph

Pheasant Tail Nymph:
Hook: Nymph size 12-20, but this is size 18. I tie mostly 16-18.
Thread: Green. This is Benecchi 12/0. It’s strong yet not bulky.
Tail: fiber from the tails of a Southeast MN pheasant – yeah, that’s right, southeast Minnesota!
Body: Same as above
Ribbing: copper wire or pearl krystal flash
Wingcase: pheasant tail
Thorax: Rainbow dub in this case, but millions of options. I also used green quick descent in the last example below. The traditional pheasant tail nymph doesn’t even use dubbing in the thorax…I don’t think…I’m pretty much just making that up or I’ve read it on the internet, so it must be true.

Order of events:

First, look over The Disaster and see what’s at hand.
photo (38)

Wrap in the fancy, Italian thread.
photo (39)

Tie on the tail and ribbing. Now, seriously! My perennial issue with tying pheasant tails has been too long of a tail and I’ve done it again! Instead of unraveling thread, I’ll just keep going…
photo (40)

Wrap thread back to behind the eye, half-hitch, hold the tail and wrap it up with my fancypants rotary vise (seriously, Renzetti, I love you).
photo (41)

Oh, what’s that? Your restless hunting dogs are barking at the back door just as you’re about to finish your fly? Okay, stupid dogs, but come on…just relax, hunting season is only *gasp* 9 months away. *sob*
photo (43)

Next, I wrap the ribbing forward in the opposite direction of the body wrap. You must do this or your fly will die an early death. Wrap thread over the remaining pheasant tail, back toward the bend to secure the wingcase for the “proper” sized thorax, dub thread, wrap back toward the eye, pull the wingcase back to behind the eye on secure with half-hitch (or whip finish).
photo (42)

For a little vindication after tying such a crappy pheasant tail nymph with too long of a tail, I tied up a couple more of these, but used green descent dubbing instead of the rainbow stuff…and I think I used a strand of pearl krystal flash for the rib instead of copper wire.
photo (44)

When I’m finished, I put my flies in an easy to find, clean, uncluttered location to find when it’s time to fill my fly box with mediocre flies.
photo (45)

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