Fly: Simple Midge Pattern

I need to tie up more midges. They’re good all year-round but I tend to fish them less in the spring and summer, which is more of a personal problem since there are still plenty of midges in the water and plenty of fish eating them.

Red (in this case, substitute preferred or available color) Midge:
What color should you tie your midges? Some advice offered here.
Hook: TMC 2488, size 20
Thread: Red – I’ve been using Benecchi 12/0, but whatever your preference
Rib: One strand of pearl krystal flash
Head: peacock herl, or simply a bead, or a little black dubbing

I went with what was close and find-able on my disaster of a tying desk. I still had red thread in the bobbin from tying scuds and these hooks were close. Strands of pearl krystal flash litter my desk and there are random beads hidden in all sorts of spots, so I was good to go with this simple pattern. Some crappy iPhone pictures…


Attach thread to hook, wrap to back bend, and tie in the strand of krystal flash (or wire, or whatever your preferred ribbing…)


Wrap thread to behind the eye, wrap the flash ribbing up to the front, and tie it down.


Try to find some peacock herl somewhere.


Wrap back toward the bend a short distance, tie in the herl, wrap the thread back up to behind the eye, wrap the herl ahead toward the eye, and secure with thread without crowding the eye. Give it a couple whips to finish. I forego head cement.


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