Fillmore County Manure Spill

A 2,000,000 gallon manure lagoon gave way sometime this past Sunday on a farm outside of Canton, MN and a portion of the manure drained into nearby “Donaldson” Creek, otherwise an unnamed feeder creek which flows into Wisel Creek. Amount of manure estimated to have flown into the feeder has been estimated between 350,000 to […]

Opening Weekend Stream Conditions

In short, things are looking alright for this weekend’s traditional trout fishing opener. Despite high, muddy water earlier this week, most streams are clearing quickly except for the larger, main branches. If you’re itchin’ to fish, it should be worth your time as you should be able to find plenty of fishable water. Just bundle […]

Streams will run high, dirty again into the “opener”

Radar picture showing moderate to occasionally heavy rain over southeast Minnesota and there is fairly consistent thunder within this round of rainfall. At this time there hasn’t been a noticeable change in stream/river levels on local gauges, but that’s likely going to change over the next 12-24 hours and continue through the week. Here is […]