New Location, New Look, Same Idea

There are new links across the top of this site. I’m working on getting stuff updated as quickly as I can, but there will be some blank spots for a while.

This website is simply the home base for a forum which has been in existence for many years. What is now Minnesota Trout Forums used to be … ahem… something like Minnesota Trout Forums but located at driftless-skies. I never really liked that URL, it seemed too vague and …wait, what? You’ve lost my attention. Anyway, prior to the message board being titled “Driftless Skies” or something like that, it was at one time the Minnesota Trout Unlimited, message board which I administrated for years. Ultimately, as with many message boards, the repeated flame-outs reflected negatively on an overall positive, volunteer organization. The spirit of the board remains intact. It’s a forum for trout a-fishy-anados who hold a strong passion for the conservation of our State’s great outdoor heritage, namely, in our case, Minnesota’s coldwater resource. It’s not that we despise other realms of fishing or the outdoors, but mainly, this is for the trout people.

I’ll be working on this website and on the forum, trying to spruce things up around the joint and provide some fresh content. I may need your help at some point, whether it’s communication from all corners of the state or with maintaining the costs of hosting. For now, I’ve whittled things down and will build up from there.

Ultimately, this will be a productive, friendly place to discuss trout, fishing, trout fishing, fly tying, and more often than not, from the foundation of a conservationist. I encourage everyone to take part, and I have no patience for repeated flame-outs on the old, sore subjects. Speak your mind and your passion, but personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you can’t state your case without demeaning someone else, you’ve lost your case.

Enjoy, and have fun.