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Fly: Pink Squirrel

This basic, easy to tie pattern has become a staple for a lot of driftless area trout anglers. The fly was created by John Bethke from southwest Wisconsin. It’s a good winter season fly and can be tied in many variations.

The version I tied here is a little different, using a pink brass Bug Collar instead of pink dubbing.

pink squirrel

In case you’re unfamiliar with this pattern, here’s the recipe:

Hook: Size 14 Scud
Head: Brass Bead 1/8″, pink brass bug collar 1/8″ in this case, otherwise pink dubbing is usually tied in behind the bead head
Thread: pink or tan. I used tan since I wasn’t tying off at the pink dubbing but at the end of the squirrel hair dubbing
Tail: pearlescent krystal flash
Ribbing: Hot Orange, size: BR
Body: squirrel hair dubbing

Message Board Outage

UPDATE: Everything looks peachy. If you’re having any troubles viewing the message board, clear your browser’s cache and try again.

The website had to be moved to a new server today and in that move the message board was temporarily incapacitated. Its database is still intact and I hope to have the board up and running soon. Thanks for your patience.


Minnesota Winter Trout Season 2016

Let the fun begin. All southeast MN streams are now open for the catch and release winter season. As opposed to selected streams in previous years. Don’t be afraid, there are clearly fish to catch¬†(be sure to scroll down and read that whole article).

Questions on winter trout fishing? Stop by the message board…