Daily Archives: June 23, 2013

Since I last posted… 6/23/13 Update

I’m not going to lie, the May snow kind of knocked the wind out of me. Since then, we’ve had some decent opportunities to fish, I’ve gotten out my fair share, but there have been less than 10 rain-free days since early May. Due to repeated high water and flooding events this season, sometimes streams going out of their banks twice in just a few days, conditions have been less than stellar. Oddly, we had a June rainfall deficit of about 1.50″ in Rochester up until Thursday the 20th. Since this past Thursday, we’ve had repeated bouts of severe weather and heavy rain.

Here’s what’s going on today:
This is Highway 43 at Choice, located just south of Rushford, MN.

Here’s a picture of Duschee Creek this morning:

…and here is radar estimated rainfall in southeast MN and northeast IA. Holy cow.